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This is the programme for the conference — it may be subject to last minute change

Anticipations: H. G. Wells, Science Fiction and Radical Visions
A Conference at Woking, 8-10 July 2016
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Friday 8 July 2016
2.00-3.30 Ogilvy Room
Committee meeting (for H.G. Wells Society committee)

4.00-5.00 Ogilvy Room
H.G. Wells Society AGM

5.00-8.00 Griffin Room (bar)
Drinks Reception

Saturday 9 July 2016
9.30 Kemp Room

9.55 Kemp Room
Welcome from Paul Allen

10.00 Kemp Room
Keynote One: Stephen Baxter
“‘It’s like something out of H.G. Wells!’: The Continuing Influence of H.G. Wells and The War of the Worlds

11.00 Break

11.15 Kemp Room
Paper Session A: Wells and Science
Patrick Parrinder (Emeritus, University of Reading)
“Alchemy and Anarchy: The Tragicomedy of Wellsian Science”
Genie Babb (SUNY Plattsburgh)
“Embodiment and Alienation in the Wellsian Search for Intelligent Life”
Caroline Rutter (Artist/Historian)
“H.G. Wells and the Scientists”

11.15 Ogilvy Room
Paper Session B: Wells and Contexts
Louisa Treger (Author)
“The Muses of H.G. Wells: How the women in his life shaped his writing”

12.45 Lunch

13.45 Kemp Room
Paper Session C: Wells at War
John W. Huntington (The University of Illinois at Chicago)
“Wells, War and Journalism”
Jeremy Withers (Iowa State University)
“War-Bikes: The Other Technological Marvel in ‘The Land Ironclads'”

13.45 Ogilvy Room
Paper Session D: Wells: Influences, Reactions, Synchronicities
Bryan Hawkins (Canterbury Christ Church University)
“The Microscopic as Space, Place and Metaphor in H.G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds (1898) and F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu (1922)”
Boyarkina Iren (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
H.G. Wells and Olaf Stapledon
David Ketterer (Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool and an Emeritus Professor of English at Concordia University, Montreal)
“John Wyndham’s Second Manifesto: ‘H.G. Wells v S-F'”

15.15 Break

15.30 Kemp Room
Paper Session E: Power Structures
Maxim Shadurski (Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities)
“An Archaeology of Utopia in H.G. Wells’s The Dream: Between England and the World State”
Matthew Wraith (Imperial College)
“Class and Classification – H.G. Wells and Science Fiction’s Elites”

15.30 Ogilvy Room
Paper Session F: Long Views
Andrew M. Butler (Canterbury Christ Church University)
“‘Life Fighting Life’: Mockbusting War of the Worlds
Catherine Redford (Hertford College, University of Oxford) (in absentia)
“H.G. Wells and the Fin de Siècle ‘Last Man'”

16.30 Kemp Room
Keynote Two: Dr Lesley A. Hall (Wellcome Library Research Fellow/Honorary Senior Lecturer, Department of Science and Technology Studies, University College London)
“Open Conspirators: Endeavouring to Manifest the Wellsian Utopia”

17.30 Kemp Room
Roundtable Discussion: Wells in the Public Domain

19.30 Kemp Room

Sunday 10 July 2016
9.30 Kemp Room
Paper Session G: Adapting Wells
Ruth Doherty (Trinity College Dublin)
“Joining the dots: narrative point of view in War of the Worlds and The Third Man”
Nicholas Ruddick (University of Regina)
“HGW Adapted for the New Millennium: The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells”
Danielle Hancock (University of East Anglia)
“Isolation, Apathy and Martians: War of the Worlds in the Podcast Era”

9.30 Ogilvy Room
Paper Session H: The Fourth Dimension and the Posthuman
Mark Blacklock (Birkbeck, University of London)
“‘Can an Instantaneous Cube Exist?’ Wells and the Fourth Dimension”
Mariateresa Franza (University of Salerno)
“H.G. Wells and the Fourth Dimension: The Conquest of Time”
Thomas Connolly (Maynooth University)
“Beyond the Common Range of Men: H.G. Wells, Posthumanism and the OncoMouseTM

11.00 Break

11.15 Kemp Room
Paper Session I: Textual Histories
Simon J. James (Durham University)
“H.G. Wells: Textual Revision Travelling in Time”
J. Jesse Ramírez (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland)
“From Woking to New York; or, American Wars: A Short Cultural History of War of the Worlds in North American Translation”

12.15 Kemp Room
Closing Panel: Wells Now (Stephen Baxter, Lesley A. Hall, chaired by Andrew M. Butler)

12.55 Kemp Room

13.00 Lunch

Followed by guided walk of War of the Worlds virtual battlefields led by Professor Peter J. Beck.